Teen Nature

I have an on/off thing for taking pictures of nature. I don't really like taking random photos unless I believe they're worth the shot. I love people who appreciate photography, coz...it really is an art.

I RARELY edit my photographs. If anything is edited though it may be some text that I've added on, but other than that my shots have been uploaded straight from the camera. ;)

Hope u enjoy nature's beauty as much as I do. :)


Tara x

P.S. u can also check out another blog of mine at readmeagain.tumblr.com

P.P.S u may notice a 'football (soccer ball) key-chain' in some of the pictures, that's because I used some of these photos for school and we were required to have an object be consistent through our shots to prove that they were our own (picky, yes, but understandable).

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